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          A Big Mahalo to RON GIBSON
    Diamond Head erupted when the "Bones came on and shook the crowd..
      Smooch was on it...                   Charley was rippin' the slide guitar...
      Rooster was the backbone                        Dominic was havin' fun
Dominic and Mike Balmes relax before the show        Smokin' John was superb
       The boys were rippin' it up                                    Stage Manager Steve Stoddard
           Smokin' John Kahle                                      Boogie was a great Crater opening performer
            A ton of fans came out and enjoyed the music! 
        Bob Coulter, Charley King, John Thomson, Sean Cannon, John Kahle 
     It was a GREAT day after all the rain we had for so long... 
        Smooch                    The Rooster          Downtown Charley         Smokin' John           Boom Boom       
                 BIG Fun with our first set, Anthony Romano joined us for "Rollin' & Tumblin
   Anthony, Charley       Charley, Drew St. Charles, Anthony     Steve Stoddard hung out..
The main stage, next time, we'll be playing THERE!      Hula dancers ready (?) to go onstage...
      Our 2nd set was OUTRAGEOUS!                          Jan O'Donnell had fun and sang superbly...
Smooch was dancin' and bobbin' and weavin'...Boom Boom and Smokin' John sing
  This was the scene as Charley ripped some slide guitar....John Kahle sings Mustang Sally
 Anthony Romano blows some harp                    Smooch and Charley were ON IT !
    Smooch Coulter, Downtown Charley           Rooster Thomson                Smokin' John Kahle
 Stage Manager Jon Alan, Smooch                      Let it fly, boys!
                    Good Fun !!!                                                 "Smokin' John"
 Downtown, Boomster, Smokin' John    Boom Boom      Smooch, Charley                                     
   The Boomster and Smokin' John Kahle                 It was a GREAT day & night!         
                                              Playin' "Me and My Woman"
          Photos courtesy Anthony Romano, Brian Reed, Jan O'Donnell, Matt Turner 
A big "Mahalo" to the folks who made this happen;
Robert "Smooch" Coulter
Ron Gibson, Crater Celebration Executive Producer
Jon Alan, Stage Manager
Mike Balmes, Sound
Anthony Romano, photos
Drew St. Charles, Guitar Tech